5 Benefits of Qi-Gong

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Qi-gong

Qi Gong is a natural complement to your practice of yoga and meditation. This blend of medicine, philosophy and martial arts focuses on creating balance in your own life energy. As with yoga, regular repetition of the movements and breathing techniques of Qi Gong enables you to attain your full potential.

Regardless of your current age, experience or physical condition, Qi Gong provides specific benefits that will enhance your quality of life. Which of these are most applicable to you?

Builds Power and Fluidity

Traditional exercise forms such as aerobics and weight training build strength and flexibility, but it’s based on muscle contraction. This result serves to restrict the free flow of Qi, the life force throughout your being. Ultimately, it’s counterproductive to the goal of harmony and balance.

In contrast, Qi Gong is more internally directed. The goal is to develop a more relaxed power where strength comes from the flow of energy rather than muscle strain.

Strengthens Internal Organs

Eastern medicine recognizes your extremities – hands and feet – as the source of energy that governs your internal organs. The movements in Qi Gong stretch and relax your arms and legs, improving the flow of energy to promote organ health. Qi Gong also has moves that specifically address particular organs that are helpful if you’re recovering from an ailment involving one.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

It might be surprising to learn that the graceful, deliberate movements of Qi Gong can strengthen your heart and circulation. Conventional belief is that aerobic activity is the only way to exercise your cardiovascular system.

However, the controlled breathing and movements of Qi Gong serve to deliver oxygen more deeply into your muscles while also improving the elasticity of blood vessels. Studies have demonstrated that regular Qi Gong practice works to stabilize blood pressure.

Helps Prevent Injuries

Along with spiritual and emotional balance, Qi Gong teaches physical balance. You learn how to move correctly without straining or locking your joints. In case of a fall, increased flexibility and relaxed muscles prevent or minimize any possible injury. If you should suffer an injury, recovery time is decreased due to improved Qi flow.

Relieves Stress and Depression

Stress is often the result of restricted or blocked Qi flow. Opening up your life energy relaxes you and releases any physical or mental stress you may be experiencing. The slow, measured breathing techniques also serve to calm you and center your thoughts. Studies conducted with individuals suffering from depression have shown a significant improvement in mood for those who regularly practice Qi Gong.

While consistent practice of Qi Gong results in the maximum benefits, it won’t take long for you to begin seeing improvement in all areas of your life. Combining it with yoga practice will unlock physical, mental and spiritual potential you may not have even been aware of.