Intentional Living


Have you been searching for the spark needed to create positive change in your life?

Intentional Living is the process of integrating into all of the different parts of yourself. We all have places within us where our past is contaminating our present and future.

It is not about healing these places because truly no one is broken. Instead it is about integrating those forgotten places that are holding us back from living a life of joy and ease.

When we embody our transformation we no longer feel as though we are living in separate boxes. We no longer just intelligently know enlightened information we actually live it. We integrate and embrace all of who we are as we dissolve our fears, shame and guilt and return to our natural state of being filled with ease and joy.

Through the exploration of self-mastery techniques and practices, meditation, healing visualizations and somatic body work we dissolve the interruptions embedded in our mind and connective tissue in order to return to our whole fluid, buoyant and joyful Self.

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Health and wellness coaching is for those who want to explore living a more natural way of life. These coaching sessions help you naturally gain more vibrant energy by adding in different foods, exercise, and stress management techniques.

Health And Wellness

Areas for exploration may include:

  • Eating for optimal energy
  • Balancing blood sugar
  • Naturally rid food cravings
  • Adding in essential oils for healthy living
  • Stress management techniques
Management Techniques
Self Mastery


Self Mastery is about living with intent. Neuroscience has shown that you do have the power to use your mind to train your brain. The tools and techniques of self mastery coaching assist you to explore your limiting beliefs and stuck emotions which are keeping you from living your best life. Through the use of dialogue, written exercises, meditation, energy exercises, and healing visualizations you learn how to truly create your desired life.


We’ll start with a complimentary 30 minute session to see if this coaching work is right for you.

From there, typical sessions are 60 minutes in length, accompanied by supplementary readings, audio meditations, and weekly written practice guides.

Explore your possibilities! Click here to schedule your complimentary session.