For nearly three decades, Susan Kullman has inspired and empowered her students to live intentionally. She offers a variety of interactive, thought provoking, and transformative workshops to help students enrich their mind, body, and spirit.

Workshop topics center around areas such as:

Workshop Topics


Explore the somatic movement modality of Gentle Somatic Yoga (GSY), created by James Knight, E-RYT, CHSE. This modality incorporates somatic movement patterns which are slow, mindful and designed to increase mind/body awareness in order to help heal the body and mind from chronic pain and dysfunctional movement patterns.


Learn gratitude practices that awaken abundance and joy in our hearts. Susan presents practices and perspectives that awaken every aspect of your life with a vibrancy that reflects the true sacredness of being human. It is so easy for us to take our everyday experience for granted, but when we learn not to do this, we discover how miraculous our lives already are. Opening up to the miracle of being alive ignites a deep sense of gratitude and open, receptive, joy in our hearts.


This beautiful dynamic area of our bodies ideally is supple, juicy and responsive to every spinal movement. However, everyday dysfunctional movement patterns, one-side sports, surgeries, and trauma make this area vulnerable to becoming dry, unresponsive, or overstretched. This workshop focuses on rebuilding and strengthening your psoas.

Balance Your Sacrum 2-Hour Workshop

The sacrum ideally floats at the base of the spine, which enables the natural swinging action from side to side as we move.

However, due to muscle imbalances, scar tissue, one sided sports, or trauma the sacrum can get stuck in a fix position.

This lends itself to a host of issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction, balance, digestion, low back issues, and the inability to maintain a sense of stability and activation of core.

In this 2-Hour Workshop we will explore balancing the floating sacrum. This workshop includes somatic explorations to ease the tension in the pelvic floor diaphragm, activating and toning the intrinsic muscles of the abdominal cavity, and internalizing a sense of connection to our mid line.

In this mind/body approach through the somatic movement and breath work you will sense the embodiment of a grounded sense of self.

This workshop is gentle and does not require movement experience. Most of the session will take place on the floor.

Self Mastery


Susan is a very active resident teacher in the Mystery School, offering weekly content on self-mastery and somatic awakening, monthly somatic movement workshops, and quarterly courses on awakening throughout the year.

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