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To be intentional with our wellness means we acknowledge we are a complete living process.

Our minds, bodies, nervous systems, and souls are inter-connected and inter-dependent, which are constantly shifting.

Whether you seek support to address pain, stress, trauma, or degenerative aging, Susan Kullman Intentional Wellness is here to support you.

Susan offers ways to enhance the quality of your life through movement, meditation, and self-mastery techniques.

For almost three decades, Susan has empowered celebrities and individuals of all ages and abilities to live a life of joy and fluidity.

As an aging competitive athlete, dancer, author, business owner, and mom, Susan is an intuitive, compassionate, and energetic life force. Her unparalleled ability to connect and inspire comes from her vast education and trainings as well as personal experience with trauma, illness and injuries.

With an emphasis on balance, renewal, and joy, Susan embodies intentional wellness in all aspects of life.

One of her greatest passions is to generously and gracefully share her deep understandings of the human condition, our connection to earth and all the wonders of the magical universe.

Her mission: To bridge the gap where traditional medicine leaves off and everyday life begins.

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If you are looking to dissolve chronic pain and increase your capacity to live with more resilience, innovation, and joy Intentional Wellness is here to compassionately support your journey.
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We Specialize in

Intentional movement and intentional living in order to create your optimal intentional wellness.Somatic movement uses the body as a tool to awaken your potential. Embodied transformation uses the mind to awaken your potential. When practiced together the undeniable mind/body connection is revealed.

Embodied Transformation

Live your potential. Through the exploration of self-mastery techniques and practices, meditation, healing visualizations and somatic body work we dissolve the interruptions embedded in our mind and connective tissue in order to return to our whole fluid, buoyant and joyful Self.

Somatic Movement

Slow gentle movements designed to increase the mind/body connection, release chronic tension and holding patterns through the use of pandiculation and exploration of movement patterns. Somatic movement explorations reprogram muscles to their optimal length in resting position and raise awareness of how we move. The intention is to bring the soma back to the natural fluid and buoyant state which we knew from birth.

Commit To What Is

In this book, Susan Kullman introduces you to an evolutionary perspective on our feelings and reveals the growth opportunities that lie hidden inside our emotional experience. As you read each chapter, you will be guided through a journey of inner revelation and discovery. You will learn how to transcend any obstacles that might be standing in the way of creating the life you always dreamed about.

Commit To What Is Book
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