Susan Kullman is a certified spiritual life coach, somatic educator, yoga therapist, dancer, and author, who has empowered others to live a life of intentional health and wellness. Susan’s passion in teaching comes from decades of study in wellness practices, and her love and deep understanding of the body and its soul.

From an early age, she had spiritual experiences, profound insights, and a deep affection for human potential. She has since been using spiritual information and practices to inspire others. Along her journey, she has found that true wellness comes from connection and balance – connection to nature, others, and most of all, to one’s own heart and passions.

Susan has successfully used the techniques and practices described in her book, Commit To What Is, to help transform her own life, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with students of all ages. She has an extensive background in a wide range of practices that open our bodies and restore our physical, emotional and psychical balance.

Working with Susan will open your body, your heart, and your mind, to the energetic life force that animates you and all of existence.

When you meet Susan Kullman you immediately get a sense of her incredible energy, and can’t help but think to yourself, “I hope it’s contagious.”

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Accreditations, Certifications & Education:

  • Certified somatic educator through Katonah Yoga, Gentle Somatic Yoga, and Liz Koch
  • Advanced Studies under Liz Koch, Core Awareness
  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Self Mastery Coach
  • Certified Health Coach: Institute for Intergretive Nutrition
  • Certified Coach Institute for the
    Phychology of Eating
  • Certified Coach Body Ecology
  • Studied extensively with Integral Enlightenment
  • Nasm Personal Trainer
  • Pre-Natal Certified
  • Bachelor of Science Ithaca College

Appearances & Events:

  • The Martha Show
  • Audio yoga program and periodic appearances on Martha Stewart Living Channel on Sirus Satellite Radio

Susan’s Team

Elin Waterson

Elin started Ballet lessons at age three and has been dancing ever since. She went on to study many other styles of dance including Jazz, Lyrical, Theater Dance, Highland Dance, Latin, Ballroom, Pole Dance and Bellydance. In 2008 Elin began practicing yoga and it became an important complement to her dancing – each discipline improving the other. This led her to become a 200HR RYT Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. Elin’s practice is built on an understanding of anatomy and alignment and seeks to create space, both in the body and the mind. Intrigued by the concept of combining elements of dance, yoga and aerial arts, she decided to try aerial fitness. Her feet left the ground and it was love at first flight! Elin enjoys the feeling of freedom and joyfulness that aerial yoga provides and is happy to share her love of being upside down. Elin is also an Om Factory Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor, Fly Gym Aerial Fitness® Instructor / Master Trainer, Climb&Spin® Pole Dance Instructor and Ballroom Dance Instructor.

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Susan is a resident teacher for Emergence Education.

Emergence Education is dedicated to a new understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. The authors, teachers, artists and healers are committed to establishing an enlightened future. The programs, books and art that they feature invite you to participate in that future.
Their work continues to grow and expand into a school that offers an alternative education focused on principles of spiritual awakening and paradigm shifting ideas.

Emergence Education also produces the Mystery School an online spiritual community, where Susan contributes weekly video content and holds monthly live classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hills And Lake
Susan empowers students to live a life of intentional health and wellness. Gentle, empathetic, and informative, Susan gracefully uses her knowledge and experience to educate and inspire others.

Susan’s work connects mind, body. and spirit. The cognitive work of spiritual practices like meditation are not always enough to unleash the full flowering of our awakened potential. Sometimes we also need to work through emotional and physical constrictions to clear our path to higher awareness. This is the nature of the work Susan can help you work through.

It is both her honor and passion when a student allows her to walk beside them on their path toward empowerment. Susan has deep gratitude and respect for these connections and entrusted relationships.

Yes, Susan invites you to join her on an online platform of either pre-recorded courses or live events.
The work Susan does is body-centered, but not necessarily in the way you might typically think. The Greek word ‘somatics’ can translate as bodywork, but it is not limited to the physical manipulation of the body. Somatics means exploring and reorienting to the inner experience of being embodied.

Instead of stretching muscles, this modality utilizes the technique of pandiculation to reprogram muscles to their optimal length in a resting position. The restorative sequences, called Somatic Movement Flow™are ideal for unwinding stiffness, pain, and postural imbalances, and dramatically increase flexibility through brain-to-muscle re-education.

The movement patterns are gentle and appropriate for all levels of fitness experience. Somatic is not a traditional yoga class and we do NOT engage in yoga postures. The movement explorations are done on the floor, standing and/or in a chair.

The psoas is located in the deepest part of our center, connecting the lower and upper body. Taoist refer to this muscle as the muscle with a soul because embedded in this connective tissue is the memory of our unresolved trauma and emotions, and beliefs and attitudes of societal and familial conditioning.

When we misuse our psoas we can experience a host of dysfunction such as hip pain, low back pain, knee and ankle pain, shoulder dysfunction, breathing issues, digestive issues, female health issues, pelvic floor issues, even anxiety and a general feeling of unwell.

Susan works with clients in rehabilitating his/her psoas. The sessions dive deep into our centers hydrating the fascial system, connecting to bone, articulation of hip, knee, and ankle joint, while engaging and toning your psoas.