Intentional Movement


Participate in your own wellness and live your authentic natural self with dynamic classes offered by Susan Kullman Intentional Wellness.

Susan and her staff are not only trained in various yoga and movement styles, they are life long dancers.Being trained as a dancer they understand efficient movement which means movement that connects the whole body and movement that is supported by the core.

This information and teaching style is extremely important as we age. Efficient movement means graceful and strong movements. Moving as a whole body and not separate parts means less injury and pain and more joy.

Susan Kullman Intentional Wellness is a virtual live streaming wellness center offering an intimate, yet interactive personalized experience. Our specialty is helping you to safely stay active through live weekly movement and restorative classes, private sessions, and wellness workshops.

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  • All weekly classes are held via Zoom
  • Once registered for a class, participants will receive the Zoom link prior to the start of class
  • All classes are live and interactive offering personal adjustments and cueing.
  • Our experienced and dedicated staff is highly trained and will help you obtain your wellness needs and goals
  • To allow for personal attention, classes are intentionally kept small (10-15 students)
  • Most classes are part of a six week series


No matter your age or fitness level, Susan Kullman Intentional Wellness has a class for you! Here’s a sampling of our offerings, sure to get your mind, body, and soul ready energized.

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New to Yoga / Just Getting Back Into Movement

  • Complimentary thirty minute session with Susan to determine the best way to start your wellness journey.
  • Gentle Somantic Virtual Yin Yoga

Some Yoga Experience/ Experienced Movement and Body Awareness

  • Virtual Alignment and Mobility Class
  • Virtual Core Awareness and Alignment Class
  • Virtual Yin Yoga Class


  • Gentle Somatic Yin Yoga 6-Week Workshop
  • Psoas Rehabilitation Series 6-Week Workshop
  • Monthly Restorative Class
  • Shoulder Rehabilitation Workshop
  • Living From Your Center Workshop
  • Balancing Your Sacrum Workshop
  • Sacred Geometry Workshop

Core-Based Movement

  • Virtual Alignment and Core Awareness Class
  • Psoas Rehabilitation Workshop
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Private Movement Sessions

Private movement is for anyone who is looking for one on one attention, and/or rehabilitative bodywork. Whether you are looking to gain trust in movement and your body or personalize your program, private sessions are the ideal way to facilitate a deeper connection between you mind, body and nervous system.

This service can include a wide range of mind/body techniques:

  • Postural alignment
  • Breathe work
  • Relaxation and stress management techniques
  • Rehabilitating functional movement patterns
  • Fascia fitness and conditioning

All privates are held virtually on the Zoom platform.

Class Schedule