What is Shamanism?

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Shamanism

Regular yoga practice is an ideal way to achieve your full potential. It helps you develop the connection between mind and body which allows you to fully tap into your energies and abilities. Shamanism is a traditional practice that expands on these principles by connecting to nature and all creation.

Definition of Shamanism

Like yoga, shamanism is a lifestyle. The term has come to refer to the ceremonial and spiritual practices among all indigenous cultures, but it originally applied to the Tungus tribe in Northern Asia. Similarities between these practices led to the generalization of the word.

At its core, shamanism harnesses the power of nature for continued personal growth. It reaches into the realities that exist beneath the surface of what we can see and touch. These realities are inhabited by human, plant and animal spirits which provide unique energies that can be used for physical and spiritual healing.

What Is a Shaman?

A shaman is an individual who acts as an intermediary between the corporeal world and this spirit world. They have the power through dreams and visions to bring its healing power to individuals in this world. It’s believed that your own dreams are also filled with information from the spirits, but you may not have the same ability to access them that the shaman has.

Shamans enter the spirit world by achieving a trancelike state. It is usually induced by a rhythmic sound, most often that of a beating drum. Once a shaman enters a trance, spirit guides direct him through the dimension. Each shaman experiences these journeys in his own individual way.

The Healing Power of Shamanism

Another belief that yoga and shamanism have in common is that illnesses come from a fundamental imbalance. Shamans view illness as stemming from three causes: power loss, soul loss and spiritual intrusion. Most ailments rise from some combination of these three rather than having one exclusive cause.

Spirits in the alternate realities have a unique perspective that allows them to see things that can’t be seen in the surface world. With the help of the spirit guides, the shaman determines the cause of an illness and channels the power of healing spirits to restore balance.

Dealing with Mental and Emotional Trauma

In shamanism, it’s believed that when you suffer a trauma, you literally lose a piece of your soul. There is a temporary benefit in that this process allows you to survive the experience by excising the source of the pain. However, that part of the soul often does not return on its own. A shaman can travel into the spirit world to retrieve it, making you whole again.

Shamanism makes a perfect companion to your yoga practice. As the power of your mind and body become fully integrated, shamanism will help you go to the next level and incorporate the power of nature, making you one with creation.