Module 8



In this 90 minute video workshop you will learn how to use sacred geometry in your physical  and meditation practice to visualize the sacred shapes inside your body in order to bring a sense of alignment, organization, and balance.

These visualization techniques have the power to organize your body, thoughts and energies into greater coherence.

This greater mental and emotional alignment will allow you to hold the tricky balance of energies and perspectives that are essential to facilitate change and evolution in your life.

Manifesting changes in our lives is challenging for all of us, and our success on the road to our higher self, depends the stability of our mind and nervous system while maintaining a fluid heart.

In this workshop, you will learn and practice a powerful tool for generating the stability you need for growth and manifestation.

We will be exploring using sacred geometry in fundamental traditional yoga postures and a thirty minute sacred geometry meditation.

Some experience of yoga and movement is recommended. 

Props needed: yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, yoga blanket.