Meditation For The Competitive Edge

by | Aug 5, 2018 | Uncategorized

Earlier this year the Seattle Seahawks won the first Super Bowl championship in their 40-year history. Many of the players spoke about the success of an innovative technique head coach Pete Carroll incorporated into their preparations. Was it Crossfit? Martial arts training? Actually, the players participate in regular meditation sessions.

Coach Carroll understands what many coaches, managers, CEOs and other leaders have realized: a positive state of mind is key to success, even in physical endeavors such as sports. Seahawks players found that meditation’s goal of living in the moment helps them focus and shut out distractions during chaotic game-day situations.
If you’re looking for that extra edge in sports, work, or life, meditation is a highly effective way to find it. It costs no money and requires no special equipment but pays greater dividends than classes, books and training.You can draw on the power of meditation whenever and wherever you need it most.
Do you think that the serenity of meditation is counter to most people’s inclination to pursue success through hyperactivity? Consider these benefits provided by meditation and judge for yourself whether or not they could help you.

  • Meditation is a classic tool for battling stress, but it goes even further than that. It teaches you to harness the power of “good” stress that keeps you motivated and engaged while dissipating the effects of “bad” stress that can often immobilize you.
  • Competitive people are usually their own harshest critics. If you find yourself getting stalled in your tracks thanks to negative internal talk, meditation shows that you are not defined by your thoughts, freeing you from this self-defeating behavior.
  • In the rush to get ahead you often find yourself dwelling on past mistakes or worrying about your next move, causing you to lose sight of opportunities that are right in front of you. With meditation you learn to concentrate on the present moment and shut out other distracting “chatter”.
  • Focused breathing is part of the meditation process. In addition to giving you greater stamina and endurance, it teaches you to remain calm and level-headed during times of intense activity or stress.

As part of his efforts to change the team culture, Pete Carroll also made yoga classes available. The players were so pleased with the results that this optional activity became a regular part of their training regimen. Combining meditation with yoga allows you to maximize the mind-body connection and set you apart from the others in any arena, be it business, sports or life.