Is it Time To Uplevel Your Natural Health Approach to Life?

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Uncategorized

If you’re someone who already thinks of themselves as an eco-friendly, sustainability-minded natural health living person, then I have a question for you. How can you further improve your approach, what can you do to take it to the next level? Read on for some suggestions!

Cleaning Products

By now you probably know that much of what is sold in grocery stores as ‘food’ is not actually healthy for you to eat, and in fact, ought to be avoided. But did you know that many of the traditional cleaning products in the grocery store are also toxic to your health? That’s right, many cleaning products on the market emit VOC’s that are very unhealthy for you to breathe. These toxic chemicals are not only affecting you when you use them, but even on a daily basis right where they are being stored, most likely under your sink! Sitting there letting out their noxious chemicals that you then breathe in.
You can stop that right now but throw ing out any products that are not natural and go get the ones that are. Brands like Seventh Generation are a great place to start; most health food stores will have a few other natural brands as well. In addition, simple things like baking soda can be instrumental to a natural-cleaning toolkit, and it’s very inexpensive!


Another area that many health-minded people forget to consider is cosmetics. This means not only make-up but also anything that you put on your skin! Lotions, cleansers, soaps… anything that goes on your body should be made of 100% natural ingredients. Your skin is very absorptive and the chemicals found in many typical products are toxic and should be avoided. Seek out brands like Alba Botanicals for a natural alternative.  Many health food stores today now also offer a variety of natural cosmetics that are also not tested on animals.

Essential Oils

If you aren’t familiar with aromatherapy, it’s time to check it out! There are great benefits to using essential oils not only for a healing or relaxing scent in the air, but topically as well. Essential oils have a range of benefits, depending on the plant they are from. For example, Lavender is the great relaxer and is also considered the Mother of all Herbs. Brands like DoTerra offer the highest in quality available.
Bonus: We carry DoTerra Essential Oils at the studio! Pick some up the next time you’re in for a class or workshop. You won’t regret integrating healing and therapeutic essences into your life.