Intentional Wellness Sacrum Workshop

Topic: Intentional Wellness Sacrum Workshop
Start Time: May 21, 2022 10:30 AM

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The sacrum ideally floats at the base of the spine, which enables the natural swinging action from side to side as we move.

However, due to muscle imbalances, scar tissue, one sided sports, or trauma the sacrum can get stuck in a fix position.

This lends itself to a host of issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction, balance, digestion, low back issues, and the inability to maintain a sense of stability and activation of core.

In this 2-Hour Workshop we will explore balancing the floating sacrum. This workshop includes somatic explorations to ease the tension in the pelvic floor diaphragm, activating and toning the intrinsic muscles of the abdominal cavity, and internalizing a sense of connection to our mid line.

In this mind/body approach through the somatic movement and breath work you will sense the embodiment of a grounded sense of self.

This workshop is gentle and does not require movement experience. Most of the session will take place on the floor.