Featured Essential Oils For The Winter Months

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Essential Oils |

For Immune and Respiratory Health


 Cardamon Oil

  • Cardamom is a spice, which is a close relative to ginger, and is used in many Indian dishes. It has a warming effect on the body, which can decease mucus and promote clear breathing. Also like ginger it is beneficial for the digestive system.
  • This oil can be ingested, used directly on the skin or diffused in the air.
  • For respiratory colds it is best to rub directly on the chest. For children, dilute in a carrier oil.


 Helichrysum Oil

  • Modern science has confirmed that helichrysum, a medicinal flower, contains special properties that make it an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, anti fungal, and antibacterial. This powerful flower oil is useful for many conditions.
  • In regards to sinus and respiratory health the best application is to rub this oil directly on the bridge of your nose, around your sinuses, and on your chest. As a double benefit, helichrysum will also help even out skin tone and blemishes!
  • This oil can Not be ingested.

These essential oils are available online and at the studio