“Wow. Just finished Susan’s Somatic Awakening Retreat (June 11) and it was one of the best teachings I’ve heard in years and yes, I’m a member of the Mystery School so that is no small compliment when you consider the amazing teachings we consistently feast on. If Susan offers this again, I heartily recommend not missing it. The easy movements she teaches will change your subtle fields in a discernable way. Weekly Susan offers simple ways to make a difference in the aging process, including changing our thinking and beliefs about our body and how we age. Our thinking and beliefs are used every moment by us and determines what manifests in our body. She gives us movements and knowledge tools; hydrating, mind-body connections and cues us how to age differently, better, and probably longer. Today, you even threw into the mix how and where we create from. Invaluable! Thank you Susan.”

– R.S. Hawaii

“I am so in love with Susan’s work as it helps me to experientially, through the body, live the awakening process that we cultivate throughout Jeff’s teachings also. It is so reassuring to know and be able to share through these workshops the realizations of the preciousness of life, and even if sometimes it can be challenging to learn new ways to relate to your body-mind-spirit, I always learn a lot about myself and my own process of constant healing and evolution feeling much better specially after a longer retreat day. Infinite Gratitude.”

– Adriana Colotti

“Susan has mastered virtual instruction. She has invested in upscale technology that allows her to watch each student closely and is therefore able to comment and suggest adjustments to each of us throughout the class. I find this experience even more rigorous and satisfying than my in studio classes. She is the best!”

“Today’s virtual class was a welcome relief from the difficult circumstances we all find ourselves in. It was very nice to be among our yoga community, to see familiar faces and to laugh together. The positive energy that came through was uplifting and the physical activity felt great. The class was as good as in the studio!”

“Knowing how much I benefit from Susan’s assists in class I was admittedly apprehensive about online instruction but immediately upon starting it was clear “online” didn’t have to mean “distant”. Susan watched each of us, using her incredibly sensitive eye to cue us specifically on what we needed to adjust and the class flowed as seamlessly as always.”

“Hi Susan, I was able to do your workshop you send me through the Zoom platform, worked beautifully. Just finished with it, Thank You. Loved all of the movements esp. the ones with the legs and feet and the balance ones also. Explanations you gave Susan were very enriching, encouraging and inviting.

Love the work you do!

– Marlien

“Hi Susan, I rarely make it to the live sessions, but I want to let you know how much I appreciate the replays of the free sessions you so generously provide to the Circle membership each week. I’m 88 years old and have had to watch my body lose its verticality, flexibility and a whole lot of other attributes. I depend on a walker and could not possibly do any of the floor exercises you demonstrate. However, years ago, when I was a massage therapist, I attended Feldenkrais classes in order to keep my body moving properly, and your running commentaries remind me of Feldenkrais work. I’m also interested in the Gentle Somatic Yoga that you introduced recently, and plan to take that course. Your words have a way to get under my skin (in a good way!), and I’m grateful for any subtle hint that makes a difference in the way I feel or move.” With a big thank you,

– Annelou Perrenoud

“I can not tell you how your teachings have completely changed my thoughts, behaviors emotions feelings outlook…From the very first meditation I felt an opening and shift…IYou are a Gift that has found her Calling…

Thank you with all my heart :))”

– NT

“Thank you again for this wonderful course! It’s still my experience that you have a gift to make this whole approach very clear. “

– JB

“The SelfMastery course is like no other. Susan Kullman introduces concepts about how to live an intentional life often citing scientific studies. I especially like the different guided meditations and thought provoking discussions within the group. I can already see the positive benefits in my life”.

– JM

“I recently attended a five meeting Self Mastery workshop with Susan Kullman and found it very productive and interesting. Susan is a true professional, well qualified and extremely passionate, especially about helping her clients.”

“Having searched for decades to enhance my ‘peace of mind’, Susan’s guidance and support made an important difference for me, and each of us; it takes baby steps and practice, practice, practice.”

“I have more work to do towards my goals. Susan is now my personal coach who I highly recommend.”

– SS

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience with Susan’s coaching. She’s helped me face some of my darkest demons in a way that left me not only feeling safe and loved, but empowered to believe I could actually do it. It’s not a journey I would’ve taken had I not met her, so I’m eternally grateful I did.”

– JP

“Susan is a loving, supportive and knowledgeable coach, guide, and teacher. She brings all her experience to our coaching sessions. Our sessions are powerful as well as cathartic for me. I felt that in one short hour we addressed my whole person, mind, body spirit. For this, I am so thankful!”

– MC

“Finding a yoga studio? Easy. Finding a yoga studio where the fundamentals of the practice are not only valued but taught with integrity? Not so easy…and many failed attempts made it clear that I had struck gold when I found Intentional Wellness and Yoga Center. Months later and not only have I been transformed both physically, finally finding some relief from post-surgical aches (unhelped by traditional therapies), and mentally as well.”

“Susan Kullman’s knowledge seems limitless and her enthusiasm for her many areas of expertise is palpable, but it’s her ability to identify the specific needs of each of her clients that makes her so incredibly effective. My time there has been nothing short of inspiring, informative, and transformative. There is something there for you, no matter what you crave in mind or body.”

– EC

“After years of traditional therapy, I have finally found the path to healing and transcendence through Self-Mastery coaching with Susan Kullman. Susan’s depth of understanding of the human condition is remarkable. She is a compassionate coach who gets to the source of an issue quickly and accurately. No staying stuck in the past. Susan has guided me toward peace and wholeness in ways that I never imagined. Her coaching has allowed me to evolve from the past to live in a fully-embodied present. I will continue to work with Susan to delve deeper into myself and to find what truly lies within. Don’t miss an opportunity to work with her. Her insight is a gift.”

– GL

“I learned so much from the workshop, about how the Psoas and the facia function, but also about how the body can move most efficiently. Your approach to body movement is very illuminating and, above all, compassionate. Thanks again for everything.”

– Barbara